The Bar Star Podcast

BS with Tom Knight

March 28, 2019

The voice you hear every week at the beginning of the show belongs to none other than Tom Knight. This week, I had a chance to have a conversation (one of thousands) with Tom and we have a cool, laid back chat. Tom and I have been friends for many years and he was one of my drum instructors at AIM that helped me become a better player and through that, we forged a friendship.

Tom has had many successes throughout his career and we talk about many of them, including how he got started on drums, his early playing influences and how they changed, all the way up to him touring with TLC in the late 90s. Tom is currently a Voice Over (VO) Artist and has even won an Emmy for his work. He’s an awesome dude and this hang was long overdue and I know this episode will become a fast favorite! You can find Tom below…

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